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Wage Garnishment


Wage Garnishment

Find Wage Garnishment here for your IRS Wage Levy, our entire business is helping people all across the country who have been hit with this problem. In as little as two to ten days, we can negotiate with IRS to get an IRS Wage Garnishment Release faxed to your employer.

Our specialty is to put a stop to your IRS Wage Levy issues ASAP. Remember, this is what we do best.

We have a simple 100% guarantee

We get your IRS Wage Garnishment released or you don't pay us. Period.

When the IRS notifies your employer that you are now under an IRS Wage Garnishment, your employer doesn't really have any choice but to start taking upto 85% out of your paycheck.

IRS Levy

When you owe IRS for unpaid taxes or even if you haven't filed your tax returns, they can send your employer a Notice of Levy on Wages. Your employer is then required to honor this IRS Wage Garnishment and leave you with as little as $385 per month to live on. That's when you start your Internet search for help. And maybe that's why you are looking at our website right now.

Keep reading this website. Call us. We can help. It's our specialty.
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